About me

Hi. My name is Georg and this is something like a tech micro blog. I post here some of the many small learnings life brings to you when ever you do stuff.

This site is done using jekyll. So it is just a bunch of HTML pages put together for your and my convenience. I do not use cookies here and do not do any tracking, so don’t expect any fancy popups. Hey, I even do not load JavaScript here. So also no fancy like or share buttons, sorry. (But you can thank me. No one will track your stay here.)

If you like this thing, go like this page – yeah, everything is open source – on this page on GitHub. Or write me. If you speak german, you can also visit my german website with some more links about stuff I play around with or hire me. I freelance in Ruby, JavaScript (all sorts of that) and Elixir.

See you around,